The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

What Does Your Counselor Know about Couples in Happy Relationships?

You do not need to be a relationship counselor to know that the determining factor in whether couples feel satisfied with romance, sex, and passion in their marriage is the quality of their friendship with each other. Happy couples talk more and always want to share their experience with each other while people who are in an unhealthy relationship spend less than 5 hours a week being together and talking. Happy couples have 5 positive interactions for every negative one. Couples who divorced have just 0.8 happy encounters for every negative interaction.

How to cultivate positive interactions?

  • Give a compliment to your partner on a daily basis.
  • Show your appreciation for something big or small.
  • Revive a fun memory – make a scrapbook with pictures of your last trip together, buy a CD which reminds you of a lazy weekend both of you spent at home and give it to your partner, etc.
  • Do something nice for the person you love, cook dinner, get tickets for movies, organize a visit to a theme park, etc.

Which are the factors which contribute to a happier relationship?

  • More time for intimacy.
  • Enthusiastic responses to your partner’s triumphs.
  • Having new experiences together. Even evening walks, dining in a restaurant, cooking together, or going to a concert can be enough to restore your relationship.

If, however, your relationship is at stake and you believe that you have already done everything that you could in order to save it, then you’d better visit a couples counselor. Resolutions Unlimited is a reliable specialist based in Peoria, IL that can help you restore your love for each other. In order to set an appointment, call (309) 673-9385!