The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

What Does Your Counselor Know about Couples in Happy Relationships?

You do not need to be a relationship counselor to know that the determining factor in whether couples feel satisfied with romance, sex, and passion in their marriage is the quality of their friendship with each other. Happy couples talk more and always want to share their experience with each other while people who are in an unhealthy relationship spend less than 5 hours a week being together and talking. Continue reading

Steps to Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Partner

Is Counseling an Effective Relationship Recovery Method?

Professional counseling is definitely a good way to improve your relationship, but one hour of therapy once or twice a week won’t be enough to help unless you make some extra effort other time as well. Today, we will help you with some expert tips on what you need to do in order to build a stronger relationship: Continue reading

How to Understand Someone According to How They Behave

The Many Benefits of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Human psychology is something that has brought up many questions. Studies and research keep finding new answers every day, which is why we are now capable of determining and solving countless issues that stem from our emotions, way of life and state of mind. Our behavior shows more than we can imagine and that allows psychologists to determine the roots of why we feel depressed or suffer from stress disorder. Continue reading

Which Are the 7 Stages of Marriage and Does Every Couple Go through Them?

Reputable Couples Counselors Speak about the Main Phases of a Relationship

Relationships inevitably evolve, so they go through different phases. There is a common theory describing the changes of marriage over time, which many professional couples counselors support. Today, you will get a chance to read more on this topic and learn what the most common stages of a relationship are. Continue reading

Psychology Tactics Against Loneliness

Counselling Tips to Help You Overcome the Feelings of Loneliness

Summer is the season when most of us who do not have the right partner around us, start feeling lonely or even depressed. Of course, while some individuals recover quickly, others need professional help to overcome this stressful period. Counseling can help you deal with your loneliness problems. If you start the therapy as soon as you discover your mood is going down, you even stand higher chances to recover quickly. Continue reading