Which Are the 7 Stages of Marriage and Does Every Couple Go through Them?

Reputable Couples Counselors Speak about the Main Phases of a Relationship

Relationships inevitably evolve, so they go through different phases. There is a common theory describing the changes of marriage over time, which many professional couples counselors support. Today, you will get a chance to read more on this topic and learn what the most common stages of a relationship are.

  1. couples counselorsThe passion phase. Many call it a honeymoon period. This is the most exciting period of a relationship when people try to get to know each other as much as possible and are focusing a lot on intimacy. It requires a lot of time and energy from both the man and the woman. Many couples that have already been married once or are not very young often skip this stage.

  2. The realization phase. The partners get to know both their good and bad habits, and emotion is slightly substituted by rational thinking. This is the stage during which the couple communicates a lot and builds trust.

  3. The rebellion phase. This is when one or both of the people in a couple start putting their self-interests a bit higher than their relationship. Conflicts and disagreements may commonly arise during this stage. If each of the partners is not able to appreciate the other one’s differences, then compromises will not be reached easily. These are the most common cases when people contact couples counselors for help.

  4. The cooperation phase. During this stage, the partners are more occupied with other things than with their life as a couple. These may be work, children, distant traveling, household duties, etc. During this stage, couples transform from lovers to roommates, leaving their marriage aside and putting other top priorities. This is the stage at which most divorces occur. If you feel like you are getting there, try to interrupt the process by going on dates or traveling with your husband/wife.

  5. The reunion phase. A couple reaches this stage when they have more time for each other. For example, when their children grow up and leave home, when they stop working, etc. At this point, the partners have more time to focus on gaining new memories as a couple.

  6. The explosion phase. This is a stage at which one of the partners is going through a major crisis or change. This can be a job loss, moving, a health problem, etc.

  7. The completion phase. This is a stage at which every couple dreams to be. At this stage, a husband and wife can both appreciate one another and the life they have created for themselves. Both partners feel stability and security when being with each other.

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